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VIP Mail is Moving!

In an effort to provide better service to our users, VIP and its associated domains will be hosted at Google. Please read the following carefully, as this information will assist everyone in making this a smooth transition.

  • Don't Panic. Your mail is safe.
    All existing VIP mailboxes have been moved to Google hosting. Your email address(es) have not changed. All you need to do is activate your account at Google.
  • An account was setup at Google for you.
    In most cases your VIP Mail username and password are still valid. There are, however, the following exceptions:

    • Whenever your login name was also used as an email alias, that login name was used for your account. If that was not possible, the first listed alias was chosen as your login name.
    • If your address included an underscore character, then it was converted to a period. ex: became
    • If your password was shorter than six characters then it was padded with 1s until it reached the required length. ex: If your password was "sam" it became "sam111".
  • What about my dashed addresses?
    This is a problem for the short term. Google does not support dashed addresses (addresses of the form
    You may use a plus instead. ex: will deliver mail to We will continue to work on this problem as we know many of you prefer the dashed form.
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